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My Beautiful light lecture reveals my approach to landscape photography or environmental family photoshoots. I bring Prints, my kit and a few surprises! Lectures are 2 hours including a break but can be suited to your specific requirements.
If you want to join me at any of the lectures listed below, please contact the club (google them or ask me for contact details), they welcome guests and charge a very small entrance fee. If you want to book me, use the contact details on my website.
Here is some recent feedback from the program secretary of Bigglewade camera club.

''many thanks for coming to Biggleswade and presenting your Beautiful Light print talk. Everyone thought it was fantastic and I have had several members tell me that you are the best speaker we have ever had - not sure what that says about my other bookings! Seriously though, it was one of the best presentations in my 20 years at Biggleswade so thanks again''.

Pinchbeck camera club


The Beautiful light lecture

Springfield Camera club


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Southgate Camera club


Environmental photoshoots

Bunwell Camera club


The beautiful light lecture