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Digital processing ONE 2 ONES
Are your processing skills preventing you from making the most of your photographic images?
In order to realize the potential of your images, a solid set of processing skills are needed to make the best of your digital files.
If you want to fast track your digital skills at a pace geared to your requirements, then this course is perfect for you.
Learn how to restore the natural vibrance and look to your images and make the right choices during your workflow.
Correct lens and image distortion and give your images a more professional and natural perspective.
Discover the world of colour management and why this is important.
Learn how to blend images to achieve high dynamic range.
Discover how to make complex selections and blend images to produce images with fabulous highlight and dark tone detail.
Use new workflows that take minutes rather than hours using standard approaches.
Once you have mastered these skills, you will have a portfolio of digital processes for optimal image production.
Monitor calibration service and monitor profile installed on the day if required.
Email me for details. You will require a version of photoshop CS2 or later. A lap top computer with CS6 software can be provided.
Cost £125 for the day (10am to 4.30pm). Home visits possible (max 50 miles from cambridge. Travel expenses will be added)
FInd a friend(s) for a mini group workshop £75/person, Max 3 participants.

Q. Who is this course most suitable for ?
A: People who are either relatively new to using Adobe photoshop or are not very confident using layer masks.and channels.